Good Pills Review: The Name You Can Trust When It Comes to Generic Medicines

  • Nat Munson
  • May 17, 2018
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Good Pills is a veteran network of affiliate pharmacies that has been operating for the last 17 years and counting. A business that started in 2001, this group of internet drugstores has been operating worldwide to give everyone a chance to proper and affordable medications.

All medicines offered by Good Pills e-stores are safe and of high quality. These medicines are produced by top pharmaceutical companies and are FDA approved. Good Pills is also proud to say that they are licensed by CIPA and MIPA and has been verified by Pharmacy Checker as one of the most dependable online stores that you can use for your medication needs. As for the security of their website, Good Pills assures its customers that they highly value their customer’s confidentiality and privacy and are using software like Verisign to protect their customers’ sensitive information.

Good Pills Reviews

A customer review has an undeniable influence according to marketing experts. At least 80% of online shoppers said that they are tempted to buy after reading a series of positive customer reviews online. Even those who are just browsing tends to be influenced by positive reviews. If you are a customer looking for an online drugstore that you can trust, reading some of the customer reviews for Good Pills will surely make you stop. Here are some of them.

Good Pills Customer Reviews Good Pills Feedback

The first customer review we found was written by Dorothy of Andorra. Dorothy mentioned ‘excellent service’, ‘efficient service’, and ‘great price’ in association with her Good Pills experience. We also found a review shared by Samuel. Samuel mentioned ‘speedy delivery’ and ‘honest site.’ Samuel is now a regular customer of Good Pills. For Andy, he used the word ‘quick and fast’ to describe his experience with Good Pills. Erica of Germany used ‘cheap and good’ in describing her experience with Good Pills.

These customer experiences shared by Dorothy, Samuel, Andy, and Erica can give Good Pills a good advertisement. People who will read it will really get excited about this network of e-stores and the medicines they offer. Remember that most of the medicines they offer are generic and if customers say it works and is worth their money, then perhaps it means that they are indeed effective.

Good Pills Online

Checking the medicines offered by Good Pills showed a wide range of medications that anyone can take advantage of. They offer medications for different conditions such as erectile dysfunction, allergies, fungal infection, bacterial infection, asthma, anxiety, asthma, blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Good Pills also offer weight loss pills, hair loss pills, antismoking pills, and skin care medications. All Good Pills e-dispensaries are offering generic and branded medicines. They also dispense over the counter and prescription medicines even to patients who don’t have a prescription. Good Pills strongly encouraged their customers to talk to a doctor before taking any medicine for safety purposes.

Good Pills Website

Processing an order from Good Pills is easy if you have a credit card. Credit cards are the only payment accepted by this network of online pharmacies as of this writing. They offer two shipping methods, Airmail and EMS shipping. Airmail shipping costs $9.95 and delivery takes up to 21 business days while EMS delivery takes up to 8 days only. EMS shipping costs $19.95.

Orders from Good Pills are packed discreetly to ensure customer anonymity.

Good Pills Coupon Codes

With the current price of medicines offered by Good Pills, there seems to be no need to give out coupon codes. A generic Viagra is sold at this store for as low $0.27 per tablet. If they will give a coupon code to make this price lower, then they could just give it away. We assume that this is the reason why Good Pills is no longer releasing coupon codes for their customers to use.

Good Pills Benefits

The good news is despite not offering coupon codes, Good Pills still offers deals and perks to their customers to show their gratitude. One popular offer that they give is the free pills on all orders. Customers can choose if they want Viagra, Cialis or Levitra as their bonus pill at the checkout page.

Good Pills Phone Numbers

For their contact information, Good Pills has two public phone numbers that their customers can call. One id 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092. The first number is a US hotline number while the second one is for their UK customers. If you are not living in these countries, you can still exchange messages with Good Pills via their ‘contact us’ page.

Good Pills Contact Information

Good Pills Spam and Phone Calls

When customers are ordering online, they are putting their important information such as email address, phone numbers, and credit card information, hoping that their online pharmacy of choice will keep it safe and secure. Good Pills respect this hence they assure their customers that they do not practice sending spam emails and making unsolicited calls to market their website and products. Good Pills strongly disagree with this kind of marketing practice and thinks it is bothersome.


We are giving Good Pills network of online pharmacies a rating of 5 because of the following reasons:

  • Good Pills is backed up with a 17-year experience in the world of online pharmacies
  • Good Pills has a lot of positive customer reviews
  • Good Pills has a website that is easy to use
  • Good Pills offers low-priced generic medicines
  • Good Pills offers medicines of high quality

As an online buyer of medicines, we want to ensure that our medicines are from respectable pharmaceutical manufacturers like the ones that Good Pills collaborate with.

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