Is Breastfeeding Your Husband Okay?

Some women find pleasure in certain uncommon sexual activities. One of them is breastfeeding their partners. Breastfeeding your husband is absolutely okay whenever you feel like it. However, there are certain things that you should understand about breastfeeding your man.

What is the Difference?

When you are breastfeeding your husband, you are subjected to a bond that is different from when you breastfeed your baby. When you breastfeed your baby, you try to nurture it to grow. You do it because you feel that the baby is a part of you and it’s your responsibility to feed it. But the reason you may want to give your man your breasts to suck is different. Your man is already a grown up person, so obviously this activity is not for the purpose of nurturing.

Why You May Want To Do It

Some say that breastfeeding your husband makes you erotic or aroused. It is not a voluntary action; you will realize that your body will feel different. Your mind will know that it is not your baby who is sucking but rather your husband. You may be wondering how to start giving your husband your breasts to suck. Maybe you are already allowing him to suck your breasts and are wondering whether it is okay or not. Don’t worry or be ashamed. There are millions of people across the world that are doing it, out of sexual intimacy, heightened arousal, etc.

Is this Action Disgusting?

This depends on the parties involved. Some men may not feel comfortable sucking milk from women’s breasts. On the other hand, some women may find breastfeeding their husbands disgusting. Don’t let these thoughts overpower you. Breastfeeding makes both parties involved erotic. If your woman is lactating and you realize that the milk in her breasts is leaking everywhere, a wise thing to do is to jump into a sucking spree! Both of you will be aroused and as a result proceed into enjoying sex together.

Don’t Discourage Your Partner

If your man feels like sucking your breasts, allow him to do so. Even if your sexual desires are down, you will immediately start experiencing sensual feelings and consequently the bond between you and your husband will become stronger.

Nothing to Feel Guilty About

There is no need of feeling guilty. Many people are doing it all over the world. It is an exercise that is completely safe and healthy to do.

Your Own Little Secret

Breastfeeding your husband should be kept a secret. Don’t broadcast it to your friends or family members. It is something that you and your partner must mutually enjoy and bond over.

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