Securetabs Review: Canada’s Source of Affordable and Authentic Generic Medicines

  • Nat Munson
  • June 1, 2018
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Securetabs is a one-stop network of online pharmacies as they offer a wide range of generic medicines for different medical conditions. Their most popular medicines are under the erectile dysfunction category and men’s health yet they are also known for providing a number of options when it comes to pain medication. Securetabs is a Canadian chain of internet drug stores.

At Securetabs, you can find a list of generic medicines because their main offer is generic brands. Generic brands are much cheaper than branded medicines and are easier to acquire hence Securetabs e-stores are mostly selling generic medicines. This is also their way of ensuring that their customers can get cheaper medications. Securetabs is purchasing these medicines directly from their trusted manufacturers to ensure that they are getting top-quality medicines only. When it comes to generic versus branded medicines, these two are the same in terms of effectiveness and properties. The only difference according to the Food and Drug Administration is the price as generic brands are cheaper.

Securetabs Reviews

As a chain of internet drugstores, we are assuming that Securetabs has a lot of customer reviews to offer. Aside from being a large chain of drugstores operating online, they have been operating for 17 years. Such a record would mean one thing – they are popular because their customers are loyal to them. To verify this assumption, we decided to check their customer reviews and here’s what we found.

Securetabs Customer Reviews

From a US customer named Simona, she said that everything in her order was okay when it arrived on her doorstep. She was thankful for the service and that she was happy with the delivery time.

Form a UK customer named Kaiman, he said that his order was placed easily and that it was promptly processed. Perhaps he also received it on time because of the timely processing.

Another UK customer named Smith reviewed Securetabs and said that he had a great experience with them. As for Dorothy of Andorra, the excellent service she received and the quick answer to her query were the reasons why she was happy with Securetabs. She concluded that using this online pharmacy network is worth it because their medicines are of high quality.

After reading these reviews from their customers, we can say that we understand now how Securetabs lasted for 17 years and is counting.

Securetabs Online

As a chain of online pharmacies, there are a number of websites that look like Securetabs in terms of their web designs, medicines being offered and pricing. These are not cloned sites but are a member of their chain of online pharmacies. Securetabs is a chain of drugstores operating online hence the similarities.

Securetabs Website

Securetabs offers a lot of medicines such as drugs for allergies, infections, antibiotics, anxiety, depression, arthritis, cholesterol, high blood, diabetes, and pain relief. They also offer generic weight loss pills, hair loss treatment, skin care products, and contraceptives. For their bestsellers, you can find generic Viagra for $0.27 per tablet and branded Viagra for $2.56 per tablet. They also have generic Cialis for $0.68 per tablet. For hair loss, their bestseller is Propecia for $0.51 per tablet. For antibiotics, Amoxil is their bestseller for $0.39 per pill. Other popular medicines are Zithromax for $0.40 per pill and Nolvadex for $0.52 per tablet.

For deliveries, Po Box address is acceptable. Airmail and EMS Courier are the methods of delivery. The prices for delivery depends on the destination. Airmail deliveries can take up to 3 weeks while EMS deliveries can take up to 8 days, excluding weekends and holidays. All orders are payable with a credit card.

Securetabs Coupon Codes

For coupon codes, Securetabs is currently promoting a coupon code that customers can use to get 10% off their total bill. The code to use IT-4752.

Securetabs Code

This code needs to be applied at the checkout page. Just type the code in the voucher box and hit apply. The 10% discount will be automatically deducted from your total bill. Most online pharmacies and stores are using coupon codes to entice customers to try their products.

Securetabs Phone Numbers

Aside from providing a coupon code to their customers, Securetabs also offers a phone support team that can assist their customers. The numbers to dial are 718 487 9792 and at 4420 3239 7092. These numbers are available to their UK and US customers.

Securetabs Contact Information

Customers that are not in the said countries can still contact Securetabs support team via their ‘contact us’ page. On their contact us page, you can send them your name and email address along with your query or issue. A support team will reply to the email you provided within the day.

Securetabs Spam and Phone Calls

It is their mission to promote Securetabs network of online pharmacies in the best way possible and this does not include spamming their customers’ email. Securetabs does not practice spamming and making unwanted calls. Information provided during the ordering process are not saved on their website. This is an assurance that all information provided by customers remain private.


On their FAQ page, all e-stores of Securetabs say that all of their medicines are Food and Drug Administration approved. They are also licensed by MIPA and CIPA, health regulating agencies of Canada. This is their way of ensuring their customers that they are delivering safe and effective medicines worldwide. As we read on their testimonial page, indeed, their customers are happy with the quality of the medicines they are receiving. Because of their great track record as a chain of online pharmacies, we are giving Securetabs a rating of 5.

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