Procalis Review: Has No Feedbacks from Buyers and Possibly Unreliable

Procalis Review

Brand: Procalis

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Euphoria Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Country of Manufacture: India

Procalis Package Image

Review and Description

Procalis is another Tadalafil-containing drug essential in the treatment of the growing erectile dysfunction problem in the male population. It is one of the countless generic analogs of the drug Cialis from Eli Lilly, the brand name drug for Tadalafil erectile dysfunction treatment. Procalis is one of the cheap options patients can have in place of Cialis, although this Procalis drug may have a limited reach versus other Tadalafil generic medications.

The drug Procalis works by stimulating the smooth muscles in the penis to relax and the blood vessels in the same area to relax. These two actions lead to an increase in overall blood flow to the spongy tissues of the penis, which then leads to an efficient erectile response even in males with chronic impotence. Tadalafil, of all the PDE5 inhibitor drugs present in the market, has the longest half-life, which means that this drug stays the longest in the body compared to the other PDE5 inhibitor drugs for impotence (Viagra/Sildenafil Citrate and Levitra/Vardenafil HCl).

Procalis is created by the company Euphoria Healthcare Pvt Ltd in India, one of the generic pharmaceutical companies existing in the country. It appears that the company does not have any website, but Euphoria had available online information thanks to other websites such as According to the available Euphoria information, the company was incepted in 2003 and has its focus in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of vitamins, supplements, and other medicines. This Procalis drugmaker has its products distributed in the Middle East, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Europe, and other locations. Unfortunately, sources failed to provide concrete information regarding Euphoria’s drug regulatory board approvals for its manufacturing facilities, manufacturing practices, and products.

Customer Reviews

Just like most of the products for impotence reviews of all sorts are currently unavailable for the drug Procalis. We suspect that this drug is unpopular, unlike its generic counterparts from Ajanta Pharma and Cipla; thus the lack of reviews for the product.

Another factor to blame is the apparent exclusive local distribution of the product in India. Procalis may not be available to international clients—which is why the drug does not have any comment from patients on the web. Yes, Procalis can be assumed as effective due to its Tadalafil content, but we can’t guarantee its effectiveness because of its manufacturer’s unknown credibility and its lack of drug reviews.

Pricing and Dosage

Procalis is available in 10 mg and 20 mg doses, two of the most popular regular doses for Tadalafil-based impotence treatments. This drug, despite being generic, is prescription-only, due to a lot of considerations related to the effect of Tadalafil in the human body. Procalis is only made in hard, film-coated tablet form.

Procalis does not have many sellers vending the product and this is possibly because of the drugs international marketing restrictions

Procalis does not have many sellers vending the product and this is possibly because of the drug’s international marketing restrictions. Also, there are a lot of generic Cialis choices out there which look more lucrative than Procalis, so the drug may not be one of the first choices by online sellers. Still, there was price information available for the drug. According to the image above, 60 tablets of the Procalis drug costs $90—the individual pill price for the drug is actually cheap ($1.50), but the purchase quantity required by the shop with the drug is a huge amount for an initial drug purchase.

How to Buy Procalis Online

Procalis is not available at the trusted web stores we recommend. Also, the very few sellers with this drug available do not ship internationally (and are mostly questionable), so it is not advisable to try them for your Procalis purchase.

Other generic Cialis brands are available at trustworthy shops like Pharmacy Mall and Canada Pharmacy 24h. These shops have unbelievable prices for the generic Cialis drug—the Canada Pharmacy store has the 10 mg generic Cialis at only $1.28 per pill, while Pharmacy Mall has the same drug for as low as $1.12 per tablet.

How to Use

Procalis must be taken only as needed. You can use either 10 mg or 20 mg of the product depending on your actual dosage recommendation from your urologist. Whatever the dose you’re given, you should follow it accordingly, as side effects correlate with taking Tadalafil drugs like Procalis more than the recommended amount and frequency.

Other important considerations for Procalis use:

  • Do not take the drug more than once in 36 hours
  • Do not use the drug with nitrates, hypotensive medications, heart medicine, antibiotics, antifungal products, alpha and beta blockers, and protease inhibitors
  • Do not take Procalis with alcohol
  • You can take Procalis with or without water

Side Effects

Side effects from Tadalafil drugs are usually not worrisome, although they may be persistent and last up to two days. Side effects identified for Tadalafil drugs include persistent headaches, back and muscle pain, stuffy or runny nose, and skin redness.

Conclusion with Rating

Generic Cialis alternatives are available on the web, such as the drug Procalis from the company Euphoria Healthcare. Procalis from Euphoria has the same active ingredient for impotence treatment, but this drug is somewhat unreliable because it has no reviews and its company does not have regulatory approvals at least from the WHO. Overall, this drug’s score is 2 out of 5, and I recommend considering other generic Cialis choices which are more accessible and from reliable manufacturers.

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